Wednesday, May 19, 2010

it's not BPA, but Gen Mills is not going to tell you what it IS!

I sent this letter to Muir Glen (aka General Mills), and received a charming corporate answer (quoted below):
As for me personally, this particular corporate response is going to make me increase the number of units of canned food I eat per year from 0 to 0.

I was very pleased to hear that Muir Glen will be switching to a non-BPA containing can lining in the coming season. I would like to know the name of the new can lining product that will be used in the fall. As well, it would be very helpful to know the ingredients of this new formulation of can liner. It is certainly a welcome change to hear that our industrial partners are taking these issues of food safety seriously, especially in light of the research highlighting the deleterious effects of estrogen-mimicking chemicals on both adults and our unborn potential offspring. Thank you for taking this pro-active stance.
David Resseguie
David ResSeguie
Information Services Manager
Sundance Natural Foods

Dear M. Resseguie:
Thank you for contacting Muir Glen regarding our upcoming packaging change.

We would like to be able to answer all the questions we receive; however, the information you have requested is proprietary.

We appreciate your interest.
Harry Kendall
Consumer Services

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